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2.3SWOT 8

2.4Competitors 9

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Business plan aims to describe and calculate the nightclub foundation options, and then set up a nightclub in x, which would be a major youth and unexpected entertainment and leisure place, an

nd expand the city of x entertainment market, which is currently quite narrow. Prior to the establishment of the club need to assess the market, set business goals, mission, define a business idea, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of business, perform a SWOT analysis.

For the business to be successful, the company will pay great attention to staff and service users to minimize any complaints and attract more potential customers. Expected quite high consumer interest, because during the competitive analysis and re

eviewed the situation in Porto market showed that similar services are not many competitors.

As well as the preparation of a business plan it is important not only to define and describe a business idea, analyze your options and needs, resource ne

eeds, but also to assess the risk and to reflect on the sources of funding to carry out all the necessary financial calculations which provide a more accurate picture of the business opportunities and potential profits.


Business Plan – a document which sets out clearly and convincingly business idea essence, characterizes the operating state of the company, provides strategy and future prospects, projected results. Business people who are effectively build a business or develop an existing one, it must be well planned, planning to choose the right strategy. It is necessary to know precisely what was expected, therefore, requires a detailed business plan, the business idea into reality.

The preparation of the business plan needs some experience with knowledge and information, while avoiding th

he mistakes must be good to reflect on everything, consult. The key is to know and to formulate specific goals, choose the right priorities, provide milestone and choose suitable alternatives.

To engage in some kind of activity, it is necessary to examine in depth the market and only then predict its performance. Emerging company goals and objectives must be clear and precise.

It should first ascertain whether the business idea a reality, whether it is the future, and whether they will profit en

ntrepreneur. In order to prepare the business plan.

The business plan drawn up to help highlight the aspects of business, under the leadership of helpful.

The aim:

To create a business plan for the activity selected, along with detailed analysis and the necessary financial calculations.

Objectives of the study:

Analyze market activity selected;

Describe in detail the generated business goals, business idea and mission;

To analyze the development of the company’s marketing and organizational plan;

Risk assessment;

To make the necessary financial calculations.

Business Information The situation in the market

At the moment there are not many places like this in x where young people and older people to spend their leisure time. Running only visited the small bars, a nightclubs and other caffes. In the evenings, especially in the winter, people are forced to sit at home or visit bars, people are often decide to spend thier free time and relax in bars and restaurants, and it has already become an integral part of life. x, as a big city, the market is not overflowing with that kind of entertainment, so new nightclub credibility with great attention not only of x, but also the surrounding villages and towns of the population.

Business idea

The main idea is to open a business in x, a night club with a pool hall, which would be the main youth, and unexpected, leisure place.

The first building in the hall of the night club, the second – billiards, pool and the tables, so that visitors can not only play, but also to sit, chat, as well as a variety of snacks and drinks. Days of operation only billiard hall, together carrying coffee and the role in order to allow customers to come for lunch, after school, students play billiards and ofc pool.

Company Mission

Fill out the lack of entertainment in x, opening a new modern club, which unlike many not only allow to dance, but also play billiards, pool who like less active entertainment.

1.3 Objectives Of The Company

The main objective of every entrepreneur – is stable and lucrative venture. However, to achieve this, there must be a. My main goal – to make your night club the most attractive and most affecting the company in the district, because then the number of customers in itself will bring the expected profits.

What is important is that the nightclub will create some additional jobs in a city like x.

In the first year to succeed in the market;

Attract as many visitors to gain permanent clientele;

Support high-quality implementation of the program;

To conclude, a cheerful, sociable, service team, which is tempting visitors to come back again.

Marketing Plan Club marketing environment

Macro environment – the whole forces that operate in a certain area of marketing solutions company and the company can not do influence. Macro environment consists of the following elements:

Economic environment;

Social – cultural environment;

Political – legal environment;

Science and Technology – Environment;

Natural environment.

Most of the nightclub activities affect the social – cultural environment. Because of the amount of income of the population in the area depend x its major number of visitors, their chances to visit the club, spend a certain amount of size. Also affect the activities and the economic environment.


Micro environment – the whole external forces, which helps the company to achieve its objectives can influence. To the company’s micro environment include:



Sales associates;

Sales brokers


Users, the service company, it is important not only because of the fact that they bring a profit, but together they make a significant impact on the quality of services and promote the company. The best and most active in advertising is a good review. Club visitors circle should be quite broad, because no one club will be service. This club is not only for dance, but also play billiards, enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, light snacks. Billiard hall will be equipped with tables for visitors who want to just sit and talk. Key visitor age group will be from 18 to 30 years. However, the club will visit and older and younger people. Most customers will be the residents of Porto and surrounding villages people, as well as a smaller part of city guests and foreigners. The club will be subject to price available not only wealthy, but lower-income persons.


Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats
  Youth, leaving the main user groups to bigger cities





Competitors, especially in providing the same services, in  very little. Perhaps the most basic and the most serious threat causing rival clubs is located in the centre of city. It is already quite strong favorite with young people, as they are the main places of entertainment on the weekends. However, its scope of services is not very broad.


City like x is not very lack of entertainment for young people. But this would be something different and not only young people could visit this club, but also older peple and of cource tourists and people like me who came here to study and of course foreign people.

The nightclub will be able to:

Listen to music


Play billiards;

Refresh alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, a variety of snacks;

Participate in various programs and games;

Listen to certain occasions concerts.


As well as club rooms will be displayed on the big screen sports competitions, a club that would attract the attention of sports fans.

Price policy

Price – this element of the marketing mix, covering decisions and actions related to the pricing and variation. Cost must meet product manufactured or service.

In determining the cost of the product aims to:

Price would be quite high, which guarantees the company’s profit

To afford the greatest possible number of customers,

Enabling it to compete with other similar services vendors, with providers.

It is important to be able to set a price that the company guaranteed the desired profits. In determining the cost of entrepreneurs focused on three aspects:

Competitors’ prices;


The costs.

As competitors offering similar services in the city are pretty low, the company will be able to operate more freely in the price. True at the beginning of the pricing method will be oriented to a competitor that prices would not scared the consumer, then the price will vary depending on demand. In determining the prices of this method, the company is mainly based on competitors’ prices. Prices of their services, it will apply to what their counterparts in services identified by its competitors, or slightly higher or lower than its competitors. As the school year on weekdays main user groups – students, x will be few, that in order to get the best return on weekdays will be discounts for students to play billiards. After school, students will be able to relax with a pool, communicating.

Sales strategy

Sales Strategy – is the ability to provide goods or services to customers in a timely manner acceptable, convenient location, and the required amount of properly. Sales strategy is closely related to the image. Sales strategy affects or the development of high quality or low quality image. Projected market segment is an important factor in choosing the type of sales strategy. The product can be sold in different ways: the manufacturer can sell the product directly to the help of the sales staff may be invited to the presentation of the product manufacturers’ representatives, could be used as a marketing organization, and so on. Service sales should be successful for intentionally selected location.


Promotion – this element of the marketing mix, covering decisions and actions of individuals and groups are encouraged to be informed purchase. Advertising – as the object is the information intended to affect potential buyers (consumers, the target group) to carry out various activities related to the purchase of goods or services and consumption. How is the process of advertising knowledge, data on something in order to popular, known someone, increase demand. Usually advertising relates to material benefits: it aims to directly increase profits (increase consumption of services), or to ensure the future (“Company logo or advertising activities, i.e by helping to establish itself in the market); Furthermore, the client pays for the advertising transmission (or broadcast).

In addition to advertising the launch of the company is unlikely to achieve the desired results, it is necessary to prepare the advertising plan, it is a question of how much should be given and how much it means. The most popular promotional tool for the dissemination of the press.

The main club support measures:

Advertising brochures;

Website, which will contain all the information about the club, its services, prices and the discounts;

Promotional posters.

Sales prediction

Most likely sales prediction

Nightclub work on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I think that on Wednesday and Thursday, the club should visit about 70 people on Friday and Saturday after 55. So in the month club will visit about 720 customers.

Pool is open from Tuesday to Sunday, and during the day, from 14 to 18 hours. not counting the students, on average, will be about 9 pool parties in month. From 18 to 01 hours. Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after nine parties on Friday and Saturday will increase the number of customers, so it will be about 12 parties, and, 240 per month with discounts for students during the day should be about 9 parts.

The club expects good drinks sales, as the billiard hall at the bar drinks will be sold to go.

2017 years. first month




2017 years 2018 year 2019 year
I Quarter II Quarter III Quarter IV Quarter
96032 € 100800 € 106700 € 116900 € 450232 € 500000 €

Pessimistic sales prediction

2017 m. first month
8000 €




2017 years 2018 year 2019 year
I Quarter II Quarter III Quarter IV Quarter
40560 € 45900 € 50000 € 55000 € 198760 € 213000 €

Optimistic sales prediction

2017 m. first month
18900 €




2017 years 2018 year 2019 year
I Quarter II Quarter III Quarter IV Quarter
115260 € 120000 € 138000 € 145000 € 560000 € 589000 €

I don‘t really know economic situation in x, but if it would be/is good if it would be possible to rely on optimistic sales projection, and this would be expected that during the first year of operation the company can sell its services fort 518,260 €. A realistic optikon what I imagine, with the current economic situation in x and the existing number of competitors, can be predicted that the service will be sold for 420 432 €. And if operations are not as successful as expected, pessimistic variant is sold for 191 460 € service.

The improved economic situation in x, a variant of the optimistic sales forecasts during the second year of operation the company could expect to sell services for 560000 A realistic option, you can expect to sell services for 450,232 . However, if the company’s business would not be so successful, pessimistic variant is sold for 198 760 . service.

During the third year of operation optimistic sales forecasts option – 589000 . , realistic – and pessimistic 500000 . – 213000 .

Club facilities

Club rental premises. If rental price month 2500 €. This two-party, with a separate room for the kitchen and storage of products. Before this building was equipped with a cafe, pizzeria later, so require less funding of basic and furnishing and management. The main costs will be indoor decoration, decoration. You will also need a separate room – ruby. The first will be in the hall of the building as well as a nightclub and beverages storage room, a small room snack preparation. In the second room of the building will be equipped with a pool hall, as well as four tables disappear drinks and snacks, sit you who play billiards.


The company will have to buy different equipment food storage and preparation, as well as sound and lighting equipment to the club and a pool hall. Bar equipment and furniture is scheduled to spend about 52100 €



Name Amount Price
1. Refrigerators 3 2100 €
2. Freezer 1 1000 €
3. Fryers 1 500 €
4. Mikrowave 1 1500 €
5. Kitchen utensils, dishes 1 2000 €
6. Coffee maker 2 1000 €
7. Audio equipment 1 9000 €
8. Lighting equipment 1 5000 €
9. Telephone 1 600 €
10. Computer 1 1200 €
11. Cash register 1 1000 €
  All:   24900 €


Club furniture









1. Kitchen furniture 1 5000 €
2. Pool 1 15000 €
3. Tables for billiard hall 3 600 €
4. Tables for club 8 1600 €
5. Soft furniture 2 2000 €
6. Chairs 20 2000 €
7. Bar chairs 5 1000 €
  All:   27200 €


Customer Service


The company providing the good consumer service is very important. It determines the quality of service, customer opinion regarding the service and the company itself. Excellent service and good customer feedback advertised company.

In order to ensure good service, selection of staff will be given preference to candidates with experience of similar work or recommendations from previous employers. Also, the employee will have to pass a probationary period. This period did not last long 2 months. During the trial period will be receivable clear whether a candidate for the job and the man himself to find out whether it is looking for a job.

The adoption of the work, the employee will sign the contract and become familiar with the duties of a binding behavior. Waiters and bartenders will be introduced and trained in good customer service requirements. This will avoid many misunderstandings, and employees quickly adapt to the environment and learn to work, it will be easier to communicate with the club customers.

Organizational chart






Team manager









Market economies, the risk is inevitable, because what is stable today, tomorrow may change. The business environment is changing in most cases demand and supply changes, competition and inflation, and many other factors. Consequently, this changing business environment is accompanied by uncertainty, in other words, uncertainty, insecurity, and projected results of risky decisions. Risky decisions may be both the internal business environment (poor staff work, conflicts, and so on.) And external (government solutions, competitors, etc.). Risk assessment can only expect good results.

Like every company nightclub this has its own weaknesses. Their key:

The new company, lack of experience;

Qualified, experienced staff lack;

A small amount of visitors on weekdays,

As well as night club activities affect the following risk factors:

Loss of purchasing power of the population;

New competitors offering similar services, appearance;

Natural disasters (fires, storms, and so on.);

Restrictions on government policies, laws and rules change;

Poor quality of work of employees, employee theft;

Workers’ injuries;

Risk reduction

To reduce the risk, it is necessary to control it. Risk management can be defined as a set of measures and methods to actively operate the future and get the minimum deviation from the expected results.

Individual risk factors in the company provides for the reduction of such options which will help reduce the impending loss:

In new competitors who provide similar or identical services or reduce the purchasing power of consumers, the company will pay more attention to sales promotion and advertising measures. The company also will try to attract customers lower prices and high quality of service provided.

Gilt policies and changes in laws and regulations, the company’s activities will affect the extent and activities of others.

The problems associated with poor quality of employees’ work and theft, the company will solve only the selection of reliable and highly qualified staff with experience of similar work and recommendations.

In order to increase the amount of visitors on weekdays company will use a variety of discounts and promotions.





The need for funds






Sources of funding



1 Equipment, furniture 52100 1. Own capital 20000
2 Reconstruction, repair 28100      
3 Installation work 4900      
4 Initial inventories 10500      
5 Money for rent 2500      
6 Advertising expenses 1900 2. Bank loan 80000


After the calculations showed that all of the initial financial needs and resources will be used 20,000 € of equity of the bank and will be asked 80 000,00 € loan with 10% interest per year, 4-year period.

The company will need to spend for furniture and equipment, reconstruction of the premises, company equipment installation work, initial stocks of goods, rental of premises and reklamosi initial expenditure for the purpose


The analysis of the competitive environment and the situation in x entertainment market can be said that the company should be fairly quickly enter the market and wait for the consumer interest. x in providing similar services are not many competitors.

The establishment of the club will not be sufficient own funds, so it will be a loan with the Bank. From the bank will be asked 80 000,00 € loan with 10% interest per year, 4-year period.

The choice of the place and the club premises will attract more users.

As the Porto city and it weekdays fewer young people, the main users of the largest revenue can be expected on the weekends.

The risk assessment has demonstrated that there are many risk factors that could significantly affect business creation and development. But while it is possible to scale down factor arising

I hope this idea would be new because I include like all in one from pool to dance, bar, sport fans area and etc.