The person I admire most

All historians consider French Emperor Napoleon I (1769-1821) the greatest general of all time. Napoleon Bonaparte born in small Corsican town Ajaccio was also the creator of Napoleonic Code and en excellent politician.
Napoleon is known to be very small – about 1.6 metres height. He used to be quite fit and slender in his early thirties. But later, numerous feasts and royal life resulted in an overweight. He had a short dark hair and an oval face, though in his youth they used too be blonde and shoulder-length.
Napoleon Bonaparte is claimed to be a genius. He had an excellent memory and erudition. For instance, once in a prison Napoleon found an ancient Roman Code book and read it. After 15 years he could exactly remember every single sentence. Moreover he could join discussions of very different topics.
These days Napoleon I is best known as a conqueror of whole Europe. Nevertheless, he was the one, who destroyed feudalism.
Napoleon is a man, who excelled his era. Hee is a great example of determination, ambition and strength for all of us.

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