jobs man and women do at home

God made a man and a woman. They are different not just by appearances but even in pleasures, works, and clothing. Until the beginning of twenty century, this proposition was undeniable, but the World goes round and there are many changes in it. Women’s place in society and even in family has changed much.

Earlier people believed that the main women’s purpose in life is to look decorative and attractive to men, they were homemakers, men were wage-earners. Women there the property of their husbands.
Middle class women had to cook, sew, keep house and look after children. The best job they could find was looking after other peoples children or teaching. In the beginning of twenty century, women’s situation has changed, but not much. Her main jobs were still washing and ironing, cleaning, cooking, shopping, washing up, organizing money and bills, looking after children, helping them to do their homework. They had to look that everything would be just perfect.

The main twenty centuries changes were that they could vote and find work, but they still weren’t equal with man, because in some jobs they still received less pay than man for the same work and on the whole. The upbringing of children was still mother’s responsibility rather than fathers. What were men’s works in home? Well they had to bring money, they repaired things in home, they punished children for faults or bad behaviour, they had to do hard manual labour.

However, things are changing. What are things like in the twenty first century?

Well Women’s Lib grew and now sexism and feminism became part of language. Man and woman are going to become equal. More and more images have begun to appear in media of man taking care of the children and doing the house works like cooking, cleaning, washing and even ironing. Now we can see woman repairing things in the house and it is a usual thing. And if woman some decades ago spent all the day doing the housework, now she does it for two or three hours after work. Otherwise – if men used to spent a hour or two doing the housework now it is usual that man spent all the day doing it.

In my opinion, if we want to change the prejudice that women’s place is in home, everyone has to understand that women is also a human being and that she is as clever, aptitude and industrious as men.

The point I am trying to say is that things are changing and maybe in twenty second or even in twenty first century man and women will interchange with works. It is just important that you would be happy in your place in society.