diference between women and men

Our planet is very big and there are many people in it. XXII century’s people do not live in caves or in the clear air. Almost all of them have home. Some of them live in a house and some in a flat. What are the reasons of their choices?

Living in a flat and living in a house has its pluses and minuses. Our family lives in a flat. Its pluses are that you can find many friends; we haave many friendly and helpful neighbours, from whom you may get help. You do not have to care of a heating. If you want to live in your house in warm, you have to buy coals and fire woods. You also have to look after your surroundings, not just a flowerbed, lawn or hedge, but even the surroundings outside your house gates.

Like I said, if you live in a flat, you have many friends and neighbours, but sometimes it iss minus, because walls are thin and you can here all neighbour quarrels and parties. Life in a house is calmer, because no one annoys you, no neighbour quarrel and no parties when you want to rest.

Some decades ago in

n Lithuania were urbanization, but now more and more people want to live in a suburb. It is so, because cities there really polluted and its noise troubles people so in a suburb people find a silent and a rest.

I do not know what life waits for me, but I would like to live somewhere in a suburb in a little bungalow with some trees, flowerbed and not big hedge around it. It will be an ordinary, but modern and comfortable house where my family and I will be happy.

In conclusion, I want to say that everyone has to choose by himself and it is not important where to live in a house or in a flat, it is juust important that you would live comfortable and happy.

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