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Asking for information

Dear sir,

Whit reference to you advertisement in the ,,Paradise Beach”, I am writing to ask for mo information about paradise beach chalets.

Firs of all I would like to know how many bedrooms are the in this side. Our family considered from four members and we need space. I would be grateful if you tell me which ones sport are available, my all family are looking for much fun.

Could you also give me some information about the town and how far is it? I would be grateful if you said me all this information.

Finally, I would like to know the price of all there? How much coast revel?

I look forward to heaving from you.

Giving information

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your letter. You really surprise me, I don’t expected that you’re coming. I hope you visit me, and we have some good time together. I’ve got some information for you about few school.First of all is Southwest school of English. It’s the cheapest school, it courses: general, business and exam presentation. It is small school, up to 16 students. Here you can find computer, video. It is the better school for you , to my mind.

Another school is Bournemouth Academy. It is biggest school no more than 8 students. Here you can use by library, video, computers.

The last choice white diff study centre. Courses: general and business. It just only summer courses. Class size one – to – one, small groups. Everything the same, just price big.

Write back and let my know what have you decided. So I am waiting for you.

Making a request

Mrs Davis,

I am writing to thank you for you help you was very efficient and received my brochure very quickly.

I forgot to ask you for the price list and a course timetable. I am very sorry for this, I am so absent and I am so shame how.

Would it be possible that you send day I could pay back you? Please understand me I really very need all these information please help me! I don’t have owing.

Please contact me when you have any information for me. I am know all my address and phone, I would like to thank you for all you helps.

Letter of application:

Dear sir!

I am writing to apply for the study for scholarship, which was advertisement on the noticeboard in my school.

I am 21 years old student, and I am studying tourism administration at college. I have jus completed my third years and I would love to go to abroad to gain same experience for my life. I speak English very well and some Russian. Also I have some contact with people last summer I worked in tourism homestead ,,Egle”.I have always been interested in working with people. I work like a assistant in tourism homestead ,,Egle” which I glad very much. Because I have very much work with a lot of information, I so very beautiful place of interest, knowing history, meet very interesting foreigner.

I can be contacted at the above address or by telephone +37063** . I look forward to your reply.