writing a complain

Dear Sir/MadamI am writing to complain about my lurid and appalling travelling on the Eagle Airlines Flight 7789 from Vilnius to London on the 13th June at 4.00 Am. Early Friday morning (13th June) at 3.00 Am I was waiting for a flight to London at departure lounge. But I was told that Flight 7789 is deferred for 5 hours. Then I heard this I was shocked, because at 9.00 AM is Bank’s depositors meeting. So it was very essential meeting for me. The other reason why I am writing this complain is that my luggage was taken to the plain and they can’t give it back. So I couldn’t take another Flight to get London. I gone to London just at 10.00 AM. The meeting was finished. Naturally, I have serious doubts about using Eagle Airlines again. I enclose details of the extra expanses, which I incurred while waiting for my flight.I look forward to hearing from you, Yours faithfully,ParasasVardas pavarde