Work and money

Work and money

There arelenty of areas,which need different kind of workers.If everybody worked only in perstige jobs,there would be a hugedisorder in the world.For this reason peaple all over the world can stribe for knowledge and of coursemake a caree in cauntless professions such as lowers,journalists,carpenters,book-keeper,plumbers and others.

Speaking generaly the profession should correspond persons character.For example a calm.Shy and narrow-minded person can‘t be lawer or a journalist because the soroundings of there professions are not suitable for such kind of peeaple.

Nowadays peaple want to earn very much money so they search for a well-paid job.One of the most popular,well-paid job is becoming a politition.Because everybody wants to get a lot of money of other material property.The use could also be working with a lot of interesting a powerful peaple,going abroad visiting a lot of different places in the whole world.
Peaple who haven‘t got high education go to another countries and work there.They don‘t get a prestiže jobs,they work as a baabysitters,or room-cleaners,also they work in factories and in fields.But those works are better-paid than some jobs in Lithuania.So more and more young peaple go to other countries,to work and live there.

Finnaly,I‘d like to say that peaple create their future by th

hemselves and I‘d like to encaurige everybody to work in job according to their character and taste.

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