Winter olympic games

Olympic games are considered to be the competition of national peace and propagate non-war politic among all countries. Now we have winter and summer games, but The Winter Olympic Games were first held as a separate competition in 1924. From that time until 1992, they took place the same year as the Summer Games. However, beginning with the 1994 the Winter Games were rescheduled to occur in the middle of the Olympic cycle, alternating on even-numbered years with the Summer Games. However, before two Olympic games were separated some competitions such as figure skating were involved in the program of 1908 and 1920 summer games.
Olympic games have some traditions, and organizers keep to them. Firstly, the opening ceremony always includes the parade of nations, in which the teams from each nation enter the main stadium as part of a procession. The Greek team always enters first, to commemorate the ancient origins of the modern Games, and the team of the host nation always enters last. It is also necessary to raise a flag with five interlocking rings of different colors against a white background. The five rings represent unity among the nations of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Now more and more athletes take part in those games and enough surprising is a fact that some countries which have no snow prepare there athletes to take part in winter Olympic.
This year we had a possibility to enjoy winter Olympic games in Salt Lake City, United States. However the beginning of this event was more scary then joyful. Security was enhanced due to possibility of new terrorists attack. However there were no such events, though these winter Olympic are called most scandalous games.
No one could say that participants remembered the main Olympic slogan: it is more important to take part then to win. The unobjection of justice was enormously big this year too. The biggest offence for our country was made by wrong appreciation of our figure skating pair. Their opponents were obviously worth worse marks than our couple got. Personally, I didn’t see downfalls of competitors, but those who saw were truthly convinced that someone effected the appreciation of justice. Another enough surprising fact was that there were given two gold medals. One more contradictory victory was won by American fast skater, who was announced a winner after all his opponents fell down, and he at first being the last became the thirst.
I think everyone will agree that it is more difficult to held winter Olympic games then summer. Nature can do what ever she likes and no one can control that. In 1956 and in 1964 organizers even had to transport snow in order to make some competitions possible. In 1968 a fog was so big that it was difficult to see something. There was a lot of unobjection in all times. One man got his bronze medal exactly 50 years after he took part in games and this happened only by accident.
In conclusion I have to say that today’s Olympic games are becoming a field for bigger countries to compete and it will have to pass much time until such small countries as Lithuania get international recognition.