Travel Wisely – Travel Well

In all times people traveled all around the world. They use different forms of traveling. People can move about land under their own power, either by walking or by other forms of human-powered transportation such as the bicycle. The earliest footpaths were likely based on animal migration routes, and ancient cultures developed extensive paths and roads for both transportation and communication. Today, in many countries of the world, human-powered transportation remains the main form of transportation. In African cities, two-thirds of daily trips are made by walking. Even in automobile-dominated North American and European cities, walking is an important mode of transportation. Inventions, such as the bicycle, make travel over flat terrain faster and more efficient. People also use domestic animals as a means of transportation, both for riding and for pulling wheeled wagons or carts. People have used domestic animals for thousands of years. Pack animals are still used today in many parts of the world, particularly in rugged or hilly terrain where motor vehicles cannot travel. The horse, with its superior speed and range, has been a favorite animal for transportation use. The most common forms of land transportation combine the wheel with electric or fuel-powered engines to move people and freight quickly and efficiently. They are trains, motor vehicles, airplanes, and ships.
Public transportation is usually found in large cities and in densely populated areas. Large cities maintain public transportation because they often have more traffic congestion and fewer parking spaces than smaller towns have. Public transportation helps reduce the number of vehicles on the road and is a convenient option for people traveling relatively short distances. Public transport is cheaper then personal. However, the automobile provides a degree of flexibility that is not possible with public transportation. You always have a place where to sit in your car and don’t have to communicate with unpleasant people in buses.
The safest and quickest transport is air transport. More and more people choose this way of traveling because it is very convenient. Airships can take you from one part of world to other in a few hours, so very often people have many misunderstandings. So traveling by air you must remember three very important rules:
1. Check your departure twice;
2. Always have local currency, because you can’t be sure if you find a bank;
3. Never forget to check weather in your destination.
When you arrive to an airport, you can be puzzled at once, because there are many signs to follow. If you are not transferring to another flight outside the country, you must pass through Passport Control and Customs immediately after leaving a plane. When you enter terminal building from your aircraft, follow ARRIVALS signs. If you have luggage, which was carried in the aircraft hold, follow the BAGGAGE RECLAIM signs after your passport was examined. All passengers are allowed to bring with them a certain quantity of duty free items. If you have something to declare, you must go to certain channel. If you are immediately transferring to another flight that is not bound for a destination in that country, you are a transit passenger and don’t have to go through the procedures above.
Today it is possible to travel all over the world, so I’d like to tell little about Brazil.
The climatic pattern is largely shaped by Brazil’s tropical location and by topographic features. Most of Brazil has high annual average temperatures, above 22° C (72° F). Only in the South and in the highest elevations does the average fall below this. The region is also subject to frost, which occurs on average ten days a year and may damage crops. There are occasional snowfalls in the higher areas. However, if you go there in summer you won’t need any warm clothes. Portuguese is the official and prevailing language of Brazil, although there are some regional variations in pronunciation and slang words. Brazilians have deep traditions, they like their national holidays. Most well known holiday is Samba’s carnival. People attend special schools to learn to dance by Samba’s rhythm.
Traveling abroad is a pleasure most people can enjoy. However, if you don’t have enough money, you can find beautiful places in your own country too.