Will life be better in future?

This is that question which is revolving in the mind each day. It is the question of all types of people for example children, teenagers, students, doctors, lawyers, pensioners, . But now we see some sun beams in our sleety clouds.
Firstly I want to say that our better life is tied with entering the Europe Union. People believe that life will change in couple years. In my opinion a lot of ranges of life for example payment, pensions on the other ha

and prices will change a lot too. Other good thing is that students will be able to work and to study in foreign countries more easier than now. I think it great possibility to thousands of student to get a good qualification, because I think there are a lot of very clever students in Lithuania who can become professionals of their range.
Secondly I would like to point that economics of Lithuania is rising without any organizations help, however it could ri
ise faster with Europe Union help. Statistics shows that Lithuania’s economics is rising almost the faster in the world. It is strange to hear that it is happening in Lithuania, however it is truth.
In conclusion I want to say that we
e life quite good and there is no reason to groan each day. On the other hand there are a lot of pensioners, disabled people who live very poor. I wish our life became better and more and more smiles could be seen in the streets.