Why I like Kaunas?

I am born in Kaunas. This is a city I love and adore. Firstly Kaunas is situated in the center of Lithuania. Kaunas is just one hour of way from capital and two hours of way from resorts near the beach. The biggest highways cross Kaunas. So traveling from city to city never causes problems. Secondly Kaunas is city of facilities and amenities. There are many sport centers, theatres and museums, clubs and discothques. You can always find something interesting to relax and have fun. And thirdly Kaunas is the place you can get proper and good education. There are more than fifty schools, ten gymnasiums, four universities and many higher educational institutions. And in conclusion I would like to say that I like Kaunas of good geographical situation, huge range of amenities and of course opportunity to get a proper education.