Which are the three most important inventions in human history?

It is hard to point three most important inventions, because the inventions appeared one from another. In my mind the most important inventions are – gun, wheel and electricity.It may sound strange, that gun is so important, but in my opinion it had changed people thinking. Thousand years ago people were happy having spears, hunting was the only way of getting food. Unfortunately nowadays people have a lot of kind of bombs, guns are no more a way of getting food. Other great invention is a wheel. The Sumerians have changed whole our history. Wheel means not only wheel, it means cars, trains, bikes and other vehicles. It’s hard now to imagine our life without a wheel.But the most important of the great inventions in my opinion is electricity. It would be no lightening, no warm water in my bathroom, no TV without electricity. Moreover I couldn’t type this topic! Sometimes it may seem that there left nothing to invent, but it isn’t true. There are so many things that we don’t understand or find too difficult to do. The ancients never thought that their posterity one day will fly to the moon, but they did.