What would your dream home be like?

If you were a millionaire, what sort of home would you have? Would it be a huge country house with lots of bedrooms or a small chalet in the mountains? We all have our dreams, and I think my dream house would amaze you.
I prefer having a small timber cottage near the lake, surrounded by impenetrable forests or huge mountains. I think it should include two bedrooms, a large kitchen, a living room, a workroom, and a big terrace with loots of flowers and a fabulous view to the lake.
The décor would be wooden with metallic elements and there wouldn’t be lots of furniture. The most important thing to mention is that it would be a paradise for music lovers. The music system would be based on world famous trademarks such as “Bang & Olfsen”, “Harman/Kardon” and “JBL”. There would be a huge plasma screen and SDDS sound system in the living room.
In conclusion, I think my dream house fits alll fantasies the music lover could have. It is also a great place for people, who find nature the best place to rest. It’s a symbiosis between modern technologies and nature.

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