Two wild animals which need most protection in the world

Have you ever thought about being extinct? Well, don’t worry humankind is not going to be extinct. But there are many animals, which need our help to survive. I would like to tell you about two very different animals.
Have you ever thought that we are going to lose the biggest animal in the world? The blue whale is probably the largest animal that has ever lived, reaching a length of nearly 30 m and a weight of 180 tons. And it iss going to be extinct, because of hunting.
Do you know an animal, which has much more expensive part than ivory? Let me tell you about the rhinoceros. This mammal lives in central and eastern Africa and is suffering from poaching for his horn, because some people believe in magical power of rhinoceros horn. As a result fewer than 300 rhinoceros exist in eastern Africa.
In conclusion, we should pay more attention to nature and animals. We will never get back what was loost because of our indifference and carelessness.

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