What should I do to protect the environment?


0x08 graphicWhat I should do to protect the environment?

In general, environment is everything that surrounds me, and it takes a huge part in my life. For example: Atmosphere, climate, weather, water and biomes. Environment is usually affected by people, and it’s getting worse and worse every year. If we don’t protect it, it could lead the world to an end. But what I should do to protect the environment? There are lots of things I can do:

0x08 graphicI should change the way I travel to various places. For example, I should start using a bike or travel to school by feet, because cars are poweredby fuel and other gases which pollute the environment. I could also use public transport because it’s not as bad as a car.

I should save energy by turning off unnecessary things like lamps in empty rooms, heating systems and TV’s which are not watched by anyone. Energy is a very lethal product in my life, and i should be saving it up, because we usually use more of it than we can produce.

0x08 graphicI should help the nature by planting some trees, seeding some flowers and growing some food because all the things I use in my life comes mostly from it. Also, I shouldn’t litter and smoke because it pollutes the nature and causes the temperature to rise, which isn’t good for neither me nor the nature.

I should change the food I eat nowadays. For example, I should stop eating meat from animals because animals are parts of ecosystems which help nature to develop. I should also start eating litter free meals which won’t pollute the nature.

0x08 graphic0x08 graphic If everyone could follow at least one of these things in their life, environment would be a lot better and we definitely would never have to think about the world’s end ever again.