It is known that theatre has developed in Ancient Greece and since then it has been an irreplaceable part of every person’s lives. In addition, theatre is one of the most popular ways of entertainment. Undoubtedly, everyone who understands the meaning of culture also understands the importance of theatre.

To begin with, regarding the importance of theatre, I believe it can develop one’s creativity and valuable skills. For instance, theatre promotes the crew’s teamwork. Since they have to socialize and work with each other, they learn to communicate better. In addition to this, performing obliges one to speak in front of an audience. Thus, one develops experience in public speaking.

What is more, speaking about the importance if theatre, I tend to believe it has important cultural and educational value. For example, many plays are based on true historical facts. In addition,theatre develops one’s culture greatly and it is a wonderful way to spend one’s free time.

Moreover, as for the most memorable performance I have seen lately, I tend to believe that `Lietaus žemė’ is the best for a few reasons. It was about partisan battles against the Russian occupation in Lithuania. The most unusual and exiting thing was that the play was performed in a small, cosy hall and the actors were performing in the centre of the audience. The point was that the actors told their character’s life stories with different events and endings. The performances were so emotional and realistic, that some people even cried. Besides, the performance revealed real events that truly happened and the conditions that partisans had to live in. Thus, theatre can expand one’s knowledge about a particular country’s culture and history.

Furthermore, I believe that, theatre helps to discover and understand the world and ourselves greatly. For instance, it seems to me that, watching an interesting and educational performance not only broadens one’s outlook but also affects one’s emotions. People, who watch many plays, become more tolerant of sensitive issues, which create better living conditions globally. Unfortunately, theatre is not as popular as cinema these days. For example, even me and my family are keen cinemagoers. Nevertheless, without a doubt I always enjoy going to the theatre. It has been this way ever since I saw the first play when I was in primary school.

To sum up, theatre plays a significant role in people lives. It develops creativity, broadens one’s outlook and has essential cultural, historical and educational value. The more plays you see the more intelligent and tolerant you are.