What makes people commit crimes

Just as there a wide range of crimes, there are many factors which lead people to turn to crime. Some people believe that giving the right circumstances everyone of us would commit a crime.Most crimes are commited by young people. Young people commit crimes for a variety of reasons:boredom, probably, not having anything exciting to do, peer group pressure or wanting to be one of the crowd,desperation or miserable life are only just a few examples.It might be that their families do not give them the security and good example they need.Miserable incomes and not having enought money to buy food or sometimes expensive things that they just want to have, might be another reason.Drugs and alcohol seem to figure more in young people_s lives-involving more crime.The people who commit most crimes are not well educated, or informed, and they are usually surrounded by people are similary prone to many forms of error.Ultimately,people are effected by their friends.If your friends are criminals or associate with criminals,then you be likely to make the same errors and fall into a life crime.I think the television and some movies is the influence to commit the crime too,because we can see a lot of murders, robberies and other crimes on TV every day. We can see that a lot of shoplifters or smugglers don_t get punishment and they live more better than we.