My ideal house

My parent_s house is my ideal house, where I would like to live with my own family.It is in a solitary place, far away from the town_s noise, smoke and polluted air.I spent all my childhood in this beutiful mansion and felt an immediate sense of warmth and security there, so I would like that my children had the same house,too.The house has a traditional appearance together with all the modern conveniences.There is a large garden and a lot of flowers around our mension.So we like sitting and talking with our family on the grass or having a picnic in the garden.The front door opens into a hall.Downstairs there_s a sitting room with an open fireplace and TV set, so we spend a lot of time in this room. Next to the sitting room is the kitchen with a large wooden table where we all have our supper. At the second floor you can see three bedrooms and a bathroom.From the bedroom windows looking south over the garden and a little swimming pool you can see a beutiful church. My room is large with a TV set, a radio set, a hi-fi system, a video tape recorder, a big bed, a writing table and a bookshelf. It is very cosy and light.I think that is all about my ideal house. Maybe, somebody would say that it isn_t a dream house, but I like it very much, because it is simple and has all the conveniences.