What kind of shopper am I?

Shopping is an activity that is necessary in our lives. Most people have to spend part of their day doing some kind of shopping for food or other essential items. We have a number of choices about where we go shopping. We can go to a big department store, a mall, a smaller local shop, or an outdoor market. The choice of shop depends on persons character, sum of money and time he has.What kind of shopper am I? Actually I am a calm shopper, as I dont rush to the shops as soon as I got the money. Doing shopping is a nightmare for me, because as I pass three shops and dont find, what I want, I feel very tired, that is why I go shopping just when I absolutely have to. Talking about designer clothes I dont object people, who are buying them, but personally I dont have any designer clothe and not going to buy one, as they are much more expensive and usually do not fit me well. I am really not a shopaholic as I dont find it impossible to resist buying things. The negative side of shopping is that all shops are getting bigger and bigger. I dont like to walk kilometers from bread to milk. I prefer spending time on other things than shopping. The worst thing about shopping is that usually the selection of goods is very poor.The way out for me would be Internet shopping, which is just starting to develop in Lithuania and has a bright future. I have never tried it but I know that it has advantages and disadvantages. From the negative side of shopping via Internet I could mention the long delivery term and from positive I could except less time to find a good.