What do you think of teenagers stars? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being one? How would you combine your studies and work if you were one?

Many new stars appear; some of them disappear and people forget them. Some of stars are teenagers. Most of us wonder how they manage to combine everything: work, studies and free time.

The points in favour are that you are famous, visit many new places in your own country and even go abroad. Some of teenager stars make a great career and become world famous stars. Another advantage is that young stars gain experience and become more confident in their personal liife.

Despite all the advantages, being a star has its own disadvantages as well. Firstly, you become popular and sometimes even easy things as going to a toilet can become a problem due to a fan “attack”. In addition, stars rarely see their parents what can trouble their relationship. Another problem all the young stars face is to combine their work and studies. No doubt, their studies are next to work and do not interest the young star, who does noot understand how important it could be in the future.

In a word, being a teenager star is not only fun, but also great responsibility both for parents and for your – self. Sometimes combining work and studies can save you after un

nsuccessful career.

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