The coming war between USA and Iraq

Lithuania is one of those countries who had been attacked and had a war going with the most powerful country in the world – Russia. So most of Lithuanians know what a word “WAR” means. I am sure, they would not like to see or to feel it again.

I have not seen war with my own eyes, but I realize that it can be horrible and I am against any war in the world. The coming war between Iraq and USA would bring many deaths and casualty for both countries. Many people go and protest against such behavior of USA government. No one can realize now, why USA is called the most peaceful country in the world.

In addition, nobody knows if Iraq has its own atom bomb. It would be a catastrophe if Iraq decides to use it against USA. Think how many people would be killed and injured for life. On the other hand, USA a long time tried to negotiate, but they got no response from Iraq. Also, after 11th of September USA is afraid of some attack like that again.

Overall, we all know that “WAR” means death and no body wants it, even those who start the war or fight for their country with the last hope for freedom.