Some people live to work and some people work to live. What is the difference between these two life styles? Which one do you prefer and why?

Today more and more people cannot find a job. However, there are people you just live to work, but not work to live. Some would say that there is no difference between these types of people, but there is.

People, who live to work, work just for pleasure or because it is boring to stay all day at home. They have enough money to buy anything they desire, but they work just to make the day past faster.

In contrast, people, who woork to live, work to gain money in order to survive and not to spend their last days in the rubbish. They think they would sit all the day at home if they had enough money.

So we see that both types have some likenesses, people want or need to work. Work seems to be inescapable.

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