“Well done, Secret Seven”

I have read the first part of the book “Well done, Secret Seven”. It was written by Enid Blyton. I don’t know why, but this book admired me for the first look. This book tells an adventure story about Secret Society, where seven young children are involved.
The story was told from the point of an onlooker. He characterized the main characters indirectly. In my oppinion it was good, due to the fact that it made me draw my own conclusions. I had no ideas about the appearance of the characters because there weren’t any details, which could tell me about them, but on the other hand I formed the clear view about the feature of their characters. Children were careful, when they helped to their new friend Jeff. They were brave, when they went to the forest at night.
Passing on to the mood, I can say that the atmosphere was quite peaceful as long as an important problem didn’t rise. In order to retain interest in keep reading this book, the narrator had to create an unexpected thing, something like new adventure. And I think he succeeded in it. The atmosphere came more interesting because more action started up.
In conclusion I want to emphasize that I trust those seven children, they are smart enough and they will be able to cope with new problems in the future. I was pleased to read the first part of the book and I guess that the second part will be as good as the first one.