Birthday party

Some time ago my best friend had a birthday party at her flat. It was a really memorable party not only due to the fact that it was 18th birthday, but also I met a lot of new friends there.She had spent the previous day tiding all her rooms and her mother had made food. Her mother has made the huge cake before the party.The guests started arriving at about eight o’clock and my friend put on some good music that everyone could relax. All the friends looked amazing, they were wearing nice clothes, having perfect make-up. In my opinion, we had a good time there. First of all, we tasted delicious food, drinks, had fun and danced. Moreover it wasn’t the most important thing we had done then, we thought an excellent idea to go to the club. So this idea came true. We were dancing and having a good time there all that night. After that, we came home and continued celebrating birthday. My friend cut a birthday cake and all of us tasted it with pleasure.No doubt it certainly was the best and the longest party I have ever had. I made new friends and had a good time. I think I’ll remember this party for a long time.