Ways of learning

My Ways of Learning I had heard that our brain is working all day, and it’s no matter what we’re doing – sleeping or working. And I think it’s true. I like doing the cross words and tests of logical mind. And when I’m in the lessons or do my homework, I must always to think about how to do this or that exercises, or how to write a story about something. I think it’s very good when I make my brain work, beecause I can check my memory too. But sometimes it’s very short, and I can’t remember what I did last week or yesterday. I think it’s bad some people if they have a problem with their memory, they drink medicines. But I’m not! I think fruits, vegetables and a very good sleep – it’s all what my brains needs! I don’t think that computer games, books, homework, or tests are only these things to make my brains work. No! in my opinion whhen we’re going on trip we’re having not only fun, but we can see a lot of interesting things or heard something new. Trips make my brain works too. I’m remembering almost all my trips! In school my brains are always ha

ard working, because I have about ten subjects to learn in a week. But I think most of all subjects important are some of them such as Lithuanian, mathematics, foreign languages and history, because these subjects are basics in all schools and universities. Other subjects like art are relaxing my mind. When I draw I can think about nothing. I don’t need to calculate or study. Than I can say that my brain has a break.

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