Mass media

Mass Media These days there are great variety of national and regional newspaper in Lithuania. So people have a possibility to choose which press to buy or subscribe. On the other hand, newspapers aren’t always a good type of mass media, because sometimes some articles aren’t true. My parents like reading newspapers and magazines, but they don’t subscribe anything. They usually buy “TV week”, “TV Program”, “People” or “Evening News”. I like reading magazines and newspapers too. They always informed us about soomething. I usually read criminal skills, goosep – column, anecdotes and sometimes sport news. But I don’t like reading about politic. I think it’s boring skills, because people, about which are writing always libel each other. In my mind, it’s disgusting. Today there’re a lot of magazines for teenagers. But I haven’t my favourite. About three years ago I read “Panele”. It was my favourite magazine, but I don’t read it now. In my opinion, before it was more interesting than now. Noowadays I read only one magazine for teenagers “Mūsų era”, about students life, famous peoples. Also there’re some interesting facts. Firstly, this magazine is free! Its editor is Jonas Jakubonis. The contend is short, but it offer events which happened during tw

wo weeks. In it there’re some famous people photos with articles, wordcrossing, contests and interesting news about students life. Secondly, there’re some good topics, for example “Visiškai rimtai“. The article is about problems in our life: drug – taking and harm four our health. It analyses important problems which are confront today. In conclusion, I would like to say that all people should read magazines or newspapers and interest in all events from Lithuania and all over the world.

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