Computer and Net

Computer and Net

Computer is the most popular invention and it’s a modern breakthrough of the XX century. For a lot of people computer is very important in their life. They can’t imagine their life without it.

Using a computer is advantageous for many reasons. To begin with, a PC is an ideal device for students to study. They write reports by computer, surf the Net looking for necessary information. Moreover, we can check, send and receive our emails, do the shopping, paay bills. Also we can withdraw money from our bank account.

But I must say that computer has negatives too. For example: it can get a virus, crash or lose the whole important documents. But the biggest problem is that some people have a big addicted to computer, because they spending to much time at the front of computer screen.

I like surfing the Net. Mostly I use it on weekends or when I have free time. I spend about 2-4 hours front off it.

Firstly, I usually use internet for my learning. I search information about things what I need: Lithuanian essays about writers or history essays with important dates and English types about how to write letters or essays too.

Secondly, internet helps me

e to have a rest: I play some cool games or listen to music online. Also I like chatting, when I’m on the Net. I think it’s great way to make new friends. Sometimes I send pictures or music from the Net too. To sum up it’s truly good to have a computer. When we use the Net, we can always be informed about something, but we must remember, we must control ourselves, because computer is a work machine, not the best friend.

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