War is a disaster and demolishing aspect for all mankind. It is following human faith as long as man has been on this planet. Wars and baattles are bringing only deaths. So, the conception of the war can’t be valuated positively. Maybe war is a sourse of profit for someone. But it is accompanied by human problems: pain and gnaowin of conscience. We must try to dicide our problems not with arms and guns, but by negotiations and peaceful argeements. So this problem will be solved and eliminated in time. So I think war isn’t the best way to decide our future. Then will be many people on our planet and there will no place to live and nothing to eat. So they will start battles between nations for the survivale and existence. War had been with us, it is with us and it will be with us until there will be mankind. War isn’t changing!!!


Crime has been a growing problem all over the world in last 30 years. In my opinion this progress of crime is influenced by a temper of nowadays people. We can see a lot of cruel violence everywere: in television, in newspapers and other kinds of the massmedia. For example, there are some telecarts were you can see and hear everything about buglaring, hijacks and hidnapings. I can’t exlude any type of crime as the wors. Every crime is too vile to be good. Of course I am not talking about murders and killing people or that kind of crime, because it is too cruel. Althougt we can discribe and analize every crime, it doesn’t help us to solve these problems. According to the low, there should be given various sentences for serious crimes, toking into account how serious is that crime. Maby we should think about the some kind of low as in some countries were Islam rules. But on the other hand we have an inhuman and brutal aspect of this low. But every crime is brutal too.


“If you want to have a friend, be one” is a very good and truthful saying. Everybody must have a friend. Nobody lives alone. real friendship is mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutal love. But one thing is to have a friend and onother – to choose the friend for all your live. I think friends can talk with me frankly, I can tell my secrets and I know they can understend me. In my opinion when two people meet, they can become friends in each other they can make friends. We have a jot of friends at school, but they are only familiar, but not very good friends. People who are friendly and sociable, honest and tactful, can have a lot of friends, but not all of them are good and real. I think friends in my life is the best thing, which I have. They are people, who can understand, can help and can tell me the truth. Such people I respect and love.