Voyage of The Kon Tiki

In 1947, six men on a log raft made a surprising voyage. Using only the power of wind and ocean currents they traveled 4300 miles. Erik wrote about the voyage.
Erik left his wife and doughter and went to Oslo. He wanted to insure his life, but no one did it. He met a new friend in a ship, he was orchids collectioner. When they got to Panama there were a lot of events (customs officers took Christobals gun). Next morning he traveled too Balboa by train. Then Eric went to Lima by plane. There he met other members of the Kon-tiki.

There were many people in Peru who knew Kon-tiki. After 1500 years they began to think about the legend. He wanted to know where did polynesians come from. He worked at tiki legend for many years and came to the conclusion that the Polynesians originated in south America and that Kon-tiki from Peru and Tiki in Polynesia were the same person.

No one believed inn him. So Thor decided to prowe that a raft of balsa wood can carry men 4300 miles across the open sea. With crew of Kon-tiki he made a raft (as exact copy as possible). Norwegian captain said that they will si

ink. But men had no time to think about it.

On April 27 the raft was christened with a coconut and received the name Kon-tiki.

Bengt and Eric went to shops. Then Kon-tiki gone out of the decorated port. When they came in the port they saw the other members of Kon-tiki in the boat. Bengt and Erik jumped in the boat, and swam to the Kon-tiki. They had to clear the deck of newspaper men. Boats followed them untill the night. First days they had two passangers cockroaches. Crab jumped over to them. The third night there was a bad weather Knut was sick of seasickness. One day they met a big octopus whom they were afraid, dolphins, flying fish. One night a snakelike fish jumped at the cabin into Torsteins sleeping bag. That fish was called Gempylus. One day they wanted to cath a turtle. But he went on it’s own way.

Kon-tiki trip and troubles in the sea. Every one had to be on duty, but without his duty each man had his job on boards besides his watch. Members of the Kon-tiki saw a lot of interesting things. Their food was different. They ate tunny, sharks, tinned food, coconuts and ce

ereals. They were like six brothers. Everyone was in fine health, exept author, he got rheumatism, because of the bad weather. One day Herman fell into the sea, but Knut saved him. After this adventure they were more careful. Few days later they saw a bird.

They reached Puka-Puka, but because of the corrent, the members of Kon-tiki didn’t land there. Then they saw Angatau, but the current them past the inland, even canoes did not help. All roun lay low dangerous coral reefs. There were bad weather with rain storms and a northery breeze.

101 days forom Peru the voyage was over. They got ready for landing in Raoria. A large wave came and washed them. The raft was broken, but all the members of Kon-tiki were alive. The island was wery small. At first they wanted to tell the world that they were alive. They got answer from Colorado USA and New Zeland. After few days they settled in quite comfortably. There were a lot of food.

After about a week had passed the members of Kon-tiki met new friends. Bengt went to the village. Next day chief brought with him all the men of his village. The members of the Kon-tiki we

ent to the village they celebrated and everyone danced Knut and Herman cured the sick boy. They became members ot ht etribe and got Polynesian names. Chooner came to pick them up. Erik’s rheumatism got worse. One man helped to cure it. When Mullet cured it Erik made a clown of him. Eveyones faces looked different. They were invited to the White House to meet the president. After this everyone got home. There were a lot of new thin gs at Erik’s house.

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