Variuous advantages and disadvantages

Advantages and disadvantages
A: access a lot of information, do some jobs very quickly, communicate very quickly, word processors make it easier to write letters and reports, and to do work for school, make learning more exciting, large amount of information can be stored.
D: get viruses, can be full of violence, which is harmful, become old-fashioned very fast and need to be replaced, software often has bugs and sometimes computers crash destroying all work.
Should teenagers be sent to prison:
A: locking young peeople up is the experience which will be unpleasant for them and they will hopefully learn their lesson, they have a chance to learn new skills, imprisonment keeps them off the stress and stops from committing new crimes.
D: they are forced to socialize with professional criminals who have a negative influence on them, they may become more aggressive and learn how to commit even more serious crimes, may get addicted to drugs and are likely to become more difficult as thhey are taken away from their families.
More sport at school?
A: promotes co-operation and team spirit which is very useful in a person’s future and communication, exercises help relieve the stress and frustration, it can decrease the chance of having heart at

ttack and other illnesses in later life.
D: it is a waste of valuable learning time, exercising can be quite painful.
Fast food:
A: it is convenient, leaving people with more time to concentrate on more important things, services are quick and efficient and one is able to eat one’s meal with a minimum of fuss, it is quite cheap compared to the restaurants.
D: is not particularly healthy, can be rather expensive compared to cooking at home, it has compared to a breakdown in society because of the fact that it is discourages people from sitting down to eat a home-cooked meal with family members.

A: visitors spend a lot of money this benefits local economy, more employment opportunities for local people.
D: increased demands onn water supplies and higher levels of waste production can cause environmental problems, creates noise pollution from night clubs and traffic jams.
A: Cheaper than staying in hotel, more freedom of choice where to stay, escape from stress.
D: lack of amenities such as running water, it can be very tiring, big risk to hurt.
Working abroad:
A: great educational experience, the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new culture and entertainment. Practicing the language daily is the best way become fluent.
D: Being a st
tranger among the strangers can be stressful, people’s attitudes about certain beliefs or habits may seem strange to you, you may insult or be insulted by certain gestures which vary from culture to culture.
Having a pet:
A: it can provide a much-needed sense of companionship to those who lives lonely life, a pet will always be a faithful and loyal companion, animals will always make their owners feel valued and loved.
D: uncomfortable for those who lives in a small places, it can cost a lot of money, it demands a lot of time and responsibility.
Foreign languages:
A: will ensure that people have a future ahead of them in today’s competitive job market where a knowledge of languages is a definite asset when applying for a job, gives great freedom to travel abroad, communicate with aliens, work anywhere they desire in the world.
D: Not all people have the ability to learn languages,
Animals in the zoo:
A: save animals from the extinct, people can learn about animals.
D: removes animals from their natural surroundings, animals are often treated badly and kept in small cages
Being a vegetarian:
A: they eat food which is low in fat and cholesterol, therefore promoting better health, they are no
ot eating contaminated food which is often a source of many illnesses.
D: such food can be tasteless and boring, the choice of food available is limited when eating out, not eating meat can often lead to deficiency in iron and protein which can result in serious health problems, humans evolved as meat-eaters, so they might be affecting their very nature.
A: fast way to get information, easy to find new friends and communicate with others,
D: lack of human physical presense, our privacy isn’t safe because someone can tap see our conversation, people can be unlike they say.

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