using animals for medical research

Nowadays medicine is very important for our lives. Everyday scientists are trying to produce new, much safer and effective medicaments. to be sure that drugs or new technologies are not dangerous they have to test them on animals.Everybody knows that men and some kinds of animals has the same structure of organism. Medical research using animals has prolonged the lives of millions of people. Animals such as dogs, cats and different strains of rats and mice are used as disease models in medical research to test treatments and surgical procedures. The results of further animal research will eventually lead to longer and healthier lives in humans. Also how we know all testings do not end in good ways. Sometimes animals die or begin to ill with strange disease. Ofcourse there are a lot of people who are against of using animals in medical research. moreover such companies as “Green Peace” do not even thinking to stop protesting for using animals and killing them. Animal research has become a very important part of life today. Without laboratory testing of drugs and new technologies people would be unsure of product safety, and many diseases would be incurable due to fear and ignorance about a product.