Person who i admire

there are a lot of interesting people in the world. every person is interesting in different ways. every man admires to his own person. for example one of the persons who i admire is Jim Carey.He is an Hollywood actor and comic also. moreover film where he is acting always become popular. he gets 20 million dollars for every movie. he is very talented so he is the only who can do those funny things in the film. he is a young person, Jim was born in 1968 in Canada. he become very popular after movie “Ace Ventura”. his popular films are: “the Mask”, “Liar Liar”, “me, myself and irene”, “cableman”, “batman” and more and more…Jim Carey came to USA in 1976, there he ended school as well. after that he went to theatre college. His career started in 1981 after nice acting on scene. now Jim one of the high payment actors in the world.all hollywood actors says that jim is a good man and not like a comic.people like him born ones in one hundred years. i think he is a comic number ONE in all mankind history. there would be more exciting movies in the world if we had more stars like Jim Carey.