Disasters and accidents

we live in dangerous world. Continually can happen improbable and dangerous. sometimes nothing and nobody can help us. but there are luck people who stay alive after terrible disasters or accidents.sometimes nature presents for us different kinds of disasters like earthquake, flood, eruption of a volcano and so on. all of these disasters makes people feel pain, hurt, sadness, unhappyness. after every disaster there are catastrophes which brings people a lot of inconveniences and almost impossible conditions to live normally. but sometimes people makes their life worser by themselves. big or small accidents can change their life into bad state. fire, car or air crashes are big problems. nothing can help to avoid these accidents if not people. every year thousands of people dies in accidents and nobody is guilty in a result. nothing can protect us from accidents if not ourselves. some people which took part in disaster or accident thinks that if all disasters and accidents would end happyly, our everyday life become like in paradise.