University education

Nowadays university education plays an important role in our lives whether or no. Our education depends on exams. Some people, however, are beginning to think if we really need them because it is possibly to copy answers and pass the exam. In my opinion exams are needful therefore that if we didn’t have exams pupils would bother studying and that would be not good.
In the first place, exams make everybody try to get the best marks they can also thhis knowledge can only help them in the future.
Furthermore, exams depend not only on ability but also on curriculum. It seems to me that profile learning has to be introduced from earlier forms. That students could purposeful learn necessary subjects and major in particular point.

I think that all these things certain have to be concerted in future schools and then will be fewer problems to get university education.
Nevertheless, some people argue that university education is unnecessary and we can liive without it, however, that is not for ling time unless while people are young. Whole world is in progress, nothing is staying in same place and everybody is going forward. That is why we should be educated.
All in all, I

strongly believe that university education is indispensable to our fast-moving world. So if we want live without social and materiality problems we have to be educated.

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