Capital punishment

Capital punishment is one of the most negotiable things in today’s society. People are headed in two opinions – pros and cons. I think it will remain like that for ages.

I don’t have a strong opinion about capital punishment. On the one hand, it’s not fair to kill people, because the government didn’t give a life to him, moreover, to act and kill like convict. Furthermore, a court can never be sure, that they have convicted a guilty person. On the otther hand, we all have to pay for the supply of convicts, particularly for convicts of perpetual imprisonment. Moreover, the government gave a place to live and right to have a safe life, security and legislation from people like him, so the government has a right to protect us from people, who commit hard crimes.

In conclusion I think the government should pay more attention to the prevention of crime, but not to the ways of punishment. I would approve with caapital punishment if there were very strict and clear legislation for it.

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