Uma Thurman

I want to describe my favourite film star and a model Uma Thurman. She is not only a very acclaimed actress, but she_s one of the faces of Lancome and presents my favourite perfume__Miracle”.She is a perfect woman.I am delighted with her acting, with her character and her appearance.
She is thirty two years old, has a slim figure and is tall with very long legs. At the moment she has shoulder-lenght blond hair, but very often her hair is longer and curly. She looks like she_s floated down from the clouds. Her skin is flawless, her wide-set eyes are intense blue with long and thick eyelashes.But Thurman_s most standout quality is her stature, she_s like gazelle.She even scratches herself elegantly.
In every day life she wears no make-up, very little jewelry and simple but well-made clothes.She was wearing a black cardigan over a whiteT-shirt, black trousers and a black topcoat when I saw her last time on TV. A pastel scarf was knotted around her neck. Everything about Thurman, from her gestures to her vocal inflections, is modest-she doesn_t pay attention to her being.
When Uma is not acting and modeling she is determined to spend her time doing the things she loves best: travelling, driving and,especially,cooking for friends and her family.
I like this actress,because she is a beutiful, talented and most of all inteligent film star.