Story about the strange object

Some of people think there are creatures in one of other planets. Other say that stories about unrecognisable flying objects (UFO) are only silly fiction. I had thought so too, until this important event, which I want to relate about, happened. My mother and I were travelling home by car last night when we saw an object in the sky, which was much too large to be a jet, a plane or a helicopter. It travelled too fast for a plane, too slow for a falling star. A mysterious object was not from this world. It was strange and interesting to say the last of it. To our great surprise that flying plate set in the field, near the lake. We stopped too. The door of spaceship flung open and in doorway there appeared some unusual figures. When they had climbed out we saw that they were disgusting. The aliens had huge heads and enormous pink eyes. Their skin was green, hands and legs were short and thin. Now I know, I was dreaming. Anyway, it was amazing, but when aliens had noticed us they quickly returned to the spaceship. I stared in amazement as the strange object disappeared beneath the surface of the lake.