I like to spend my holidays travelling. There are various means of transport. We can travel by train, ship, air-plane, and finally we can travel on foot. I have never traveling by air-plane, but I think that it is very interesting. There are many things that make this travel fascinating. We can see the clouds, the ocean or the earth below you without any hindrance. In the plane you can feel how little you are in the globe or in thhe ocean. I want to see it with my own eyes, not to read in newspapers or journals. And of course this transport is very fast and useful.

Besides the planes I like travelling by train and by bus of course in a good company. Everybody can travel by bus, because it isn`t expensive. During the travel I forget all my problems, all my pain.

Besides these means of transport people also can travel by ships. Such trips are good to peeople who want to relax and to lose touch with civilization. They can see the sun rise every morning and sunset every evening. I think this trip is for people who love romance.

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