Traveling alone

Imagine. Sparkling river in front of your eyes, blinding sunshine, a few boats rowing in the calm water and 35 degrees above zero. You’re just lying on the lawn near some kind of palace. You turn right, look at your friend and think, that it is a marvelous day. People are staring at you, but you don’t care. Actually you should be at the caves of stalagmites and stalactites at this moment, because you planned this yesterday, but such a beautiful daay you won’t miss in some kind of cave. Aren’t you amazed? Maybe not all of these matters of interest you may experience if you are traveling with a huge group. Believe me, traveling alone or with one of your friends is the best choice if you want a bit of adventure, healthy fair and joy.

First of all, traveling alone or with the friend is good, because you can go wherever you want and to do whatever you need . Your may change your plans every minute and you may go different way if you want to. You are not chained and constrained by your group and guides. For example you have a great trip through the East and you ha

ad wondered earlier to go to Malaysia, but after that full of iguanas cottage in Thailand you are totally fed up with exotic jungles. And let it be! Nobody will drag you in that Malaysia if you don’t want to.

Secondly if you decide to go somewhere you have always dreamed to, you can take your best friend with you. Of course you don’t want to go with your neighbor whom you hate because of his irritating dullness, so you’re choosing somebody who loves traveling, who is a good adviser and warm-hearted helper. In this case imagine that you are traveling with a huge group. Some personalities will be always stem against going there or there because of the drizzle orr heat. The others’ aim will be to make friends with you but the main problem is their disgusting character and boringness. Do you want this? I don’t think so. Although everybody says that traveling without guides and group it is very hard because of the dangers and inconveniences like being lost, not understanding locals, because they don’t speak any English and finally you may not find a hotel or you can even be robbed. But actually some dangers sounds ev
ven attractiveness . You are always a little bit afraid of something, sometimes you just don’t know where to go and it makes adrenaline. You should be very careful and this can make you more self-confident and independent.

If we sum up all these advantages, it follows that we can save a lot of money too. If we are not very tired and want to save some cash, we can choose train instead of plane or we can go somewhere by foot instead of taking a taxi. If we want to buy something for our family, we will go to a huge market, and spend there less money than in some souvenirs shop.

You can go by plain, by train, by bus, by taxi, by boat or hitchhiking. You can go to some traveling agency and pay for a good offer good money to get to your dream destination or you can take few dollars, your best friend and roam together through the whole Europe. It depends on you and your personality. In general I think trips are the best way to spend your holidays if you want to visit other countries, get to know their culture and their lifestyles. However, re
emember that small unexpected surprises or frightful funny accidents leave you longest-lasting impressions.

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