magazine’s “the Week” presentation

The Week is an informative, important, witty and completely indispensable resume of the best reporting and writing from the U.S and foreign countries. Just 40 pages will fill you in with new and reviews, you will know what’s happening in U.S and abroad and what the experts are saying about it. Packed with stories, comic quotes,
innovations, programs, books’ descriptions or recipes, The Week’s pages will help you not only to make smart decisions about everything from cars, books, and technology, but allso what’s worth watching on television in the coming week. As well as all the information you need about the weeks best buys or exhibitions, there are full write-ups on politics. However, you can have a look at this magazine’s pages for the most interesting houses for sale around the U.S. or even the best gossip of the week. A unique mix of practical information and commentary will make you attached at this treasure-trove magazine. Furthermore, this English magazine is noot difficult to read. These interesting articles are about any thing you like. There are very few advertisements, but illustrations are rather good though.
Of course, this ordinary and modest cover doesn’t seem very attractive, but the common mistake is th

hat exterior usually deceives. Taking a magazine is looking inside and in The Week you will find “all you need to know about everything that matters”

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