Transport And Travel

We use transport every day. Though pupils don’t feel a very big need of it. Of course sometimes it is impossible to do something without transport but only grownups become really nervous when they have to realize that for a some time they won’t be able to use for ex. a car.
Several thousand years ago only two transport vehicle were known a horse and of course a ship. They had been used for thousand years and today the old style transport is only for pleasure, because new technologies made transport really better. When my grandfather was small it used to take more then one day to reach Vilnius from his village though it is only 100 km. away from it. Today you can do it quicker then in one hour. So, we can see that technologies in 50 years reached a really good level, though it has to become better I think.
There are three transport groups. First is air – an airship, a rocket, a liner, a helicopter, a jet, a glider, and a hot air balloon. Second group is water transport a submarine, a canoe, a rowing boat, a barge, a yacht. The thirst group is land – a moped, a van, a tram, a double – decker bus, an estate car and other.
All travelling ways are dangerous and people must be careful. But the safest way to travel is by air.
There are many airlines whish offer comfortable punctual safe flights and nowadays people more and more use air transport, because travelling by air is really fast. Air transport has disadvantages too. Planes are often hijacked, there are problems with engine, landing gear, and lightning strikes are possible.
When you really want to relax, the best way to travel is by bicycle. It is safe nod as quick as plane but good for your health.
The most romantic way to travel is by ship. For example as big and as beautiful as “Titanic” but hundred times safer then it.
Transport for my family is one of the most important things. After my father had an accident this autumn, for two weeks he felt really bad, but not because the car was crashed, but because he didn’t have a car and had to find ways how to get to job.
I think, that technology has made a big progress and today’s transport can’t be compared with transport and travelling ways 5 hundred years ago. Today we have really good conditions to travel, but man is such creature, whom nothing is enough.
That’s why today more and more people dye in accidents, that’s why people are so angry. Maybe sometimes we should not use transport, but go on foot, because only then you can see in what beautiful world you live.