Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder. Tony is about forty years old. He is best of all professionals. Tony travels a lot and there he participates in competitions. He gets a lot of money though. He has a wife and three kids. Tony is training his son to ride on a skateboard. He wants to make his son a professional like him. Tony Hawk has a big house and good family but that’s not all. Tony has a skateboarding company “Birdhouse”.

Tony landing his 900 spin

He also has a computer game named after him. It’s called “Tony Hawk’s pro skater”. He didn’t make that computer game. There are three parts of that game.


Tony Hawk is only skater who can make very hard trick “900 spin”. It is trick when you have to spin around two and a half times. Tony Hawk is a best pro skateboarder in whole world and I like him very much.