Tipping in America

Americans take tipping more seriously than any other nationality. and of all Americans , no one takes tipping as seriously as hotel bellboys do. tip your bellboy generously , and you_ll have the perfect holiday.Dont tipp him, and you”ll have the worst holiday of your life! Guests who don”t pay tip well at hotels often find that the heating in their room “accidentally_ stops working in the middle of winter, or that they receive strange phone calls in the middle of the night. Sometimes the keys for their room” disapper” and it seems that no one can find the spare keys. It”s a good idea to tip a bellboy at least $5 and , for tips of $20 or more , your bellboy will be your friend forever . So , anyone who is planing to stay in an American hotel should remember – bellboys can make shure you have the holiday of your dreams… or they can make your visit a nightmare!