Times of Change

Times of Change

Now we live in the age of information. Latest technologies develop every day and even every minute. It is very important for us.

We can find a person very fast using mobile phones. All of us use things like e-mail, mobile technologies, and others. I think that the most important of them is Internet. It started in the 1960s, when some organizations in USA wanted to connect their systems in a very reliable net, that couldn’t be affected by waar. Scientists developed an ARPANET, and that was the forerunner of the Internet. Now we use a very big network where millions of computers from all over the world are connected to.

Now our world is becoming smaller and smaller because we have so many new technologies that are used to improve the communication. There are no not accessible places in the world now. The distances between countries are not as big as they were one hundred years ago. The world iss now more centralized. We can access almost every countries data base and find out about that country almost everything. We can talk to different people living in different countries through chatrooms on internet and we don’t have to travel ab


We can now use more fast and reliable methods of communication, because a lot of people have their own PCs, laptops or palmtops. We can sit in our room and write electronic messages to our friends who are far away from us by simply pressing the buttons of keyboards. We can also scan a document into a computer by the help of scanner, and simply attach those scanned files. Recipient will get an email message with all that information! With the help of special software he can easily read the information with a few mouse-clicks on the special links. An email message is usually delivered in few seconds.

There is also a thing like electronic commerce now. You can sit in yoour room and buy food, clothes, books and other different things using the internet. That’s why all the companies in the world have their own web-sites. They advertise a lot of products on internet and tv. A lot of people in the world eat the same food from Mc Donald’s, wear the same clothes made by Nike, drink the same fizzy-drinks invented by the Coca-Cola Company, use the same Microsoft software or IBM hardware. All these things make our world mu
uch smaller.

The human race has developed a lot of wonderful things. Nowadays modern technologies help scientists to search for other life in the universe. Everything is computerized. We can even take photos of other planets surfaces from the Earth.

Things like Internet, computerized information systems, information databases and computers are connected to our lifes and we can’t imagine living without them. So we must go together with technology because it is the only way to learn more and discover new things.

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