there is no place like home

place in my life- “Home is where the heart is.”

“There’s no place like home.”
No place offers me the comfort and relaxation that my home offers.
It gives me a peace of mind and a state of well-being which can never be
matched. I dread waking up and having to go to school or work, because I
know I will wait all day anxiously to be back exactly where I started. At
Ever since I moved to Korea, I’ve had the misfortune to having had
to live alone. Now I say “misfortune”, because I sincerely liked living
with my parents, and sometimes, I regret my decision to move out. I’ve
lived in two previous apartments in Korea, but my studio where I currently
live, is by far the most comfortable and spacious home I’ve had so far.
I’ve always been the type of person who places lots of emphasis on
the home situation. I need space and comfort, and this need made living in
my first two homes very difficult. They were relatively cramped and small
places, and this made it harder for me to enjoy staying at home. But this
all changed when I moved to my 3rd home.
My building is a 41 story officetel building, and I live on the
27th floor. One aspect of my studio which I really like is that it’s high
up with a great view. My window overlooks Seoul towards the east, with
Youido’s 63 Building directly in front. Han River is farther towards the
left, but still in clear view, along with the Kang-Buk area. Nighttime
offers a view of the city which I never really had until I moved into my
Another reason I really like my home is that it’s a pretty large
studio. My house is a one-room style apartment and 27pyoung (in officetel
scale). I have all the general appliances necessary to live (computer,
desk, bed, TV, couch, etc.), as well as some other smaller appliances.
If I had to name a down-side to living in my studio, it would be
its price. I pay almost 45% of my monthly paycheck to maintain rent and
maintenance bills. I know to many people this percentage going into
housing might seem extravagant, but to me, I feel living here offers many
intangible advantages which go beyond its price. A sense of well-being,
security, peace of mind, (and a great view), are more important to me.
But most importantly, living here allows me to start each day
with the expectance that this new day will be a great day, and that I will
do something good with my life. It has a weird way of offering me new
hope, and a greater will to work harder.