My house

My house

Our house is in a quiet neighbourhood in Garuckai .Every time I walk into it , I feel an immediate sense of warmth and security.

Our house is the most noticeable in the street .There is a colorful garden with hundred’s of roses and the delightful fragrance of pine trees. You can also see a beautiful pond surrounded by a great number of lilies. It’s a quiet place to rest. There is a long driveway which leads to the house annd before you enter through the modern front doors you have a chance to hear the sound of the voices of our family that lines within.

The front door opens into the hall downstairs there is a kitchen with square wooden table where we sit and chat. The air is usually field with the delicious aroma of baked bread , the sour taste of lemons and the rich flour of a chocolate cake. Next to the kitchen is a bath with a smmall mirror and a lot’s of bottles of perfumery , washing powder and shampoos on the small table. There is a living room with a open fireplace on the ground flour it is the place where we watch TV,
listen to music ,

talk about various problems an relax .On the firs flour you can notice a beautiful bedroom there are two beds , a dressing table next to the wall and a colorful carpit in the middle of the room .My parent’s bedroom is charming
with an antique wardrobe and a bed with some cushions on it .

When my and my family’s friends come to our house they are surprised by it’s beautiful appearance and warm atmosphere , but to me it’s just my house.

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