It goes without saying, when people travel to new places, the local museums are usually a must-see place. Sometimes the museums are even more attractive than the most famous monuments. Undoubtedly, museums are the perfect place to deepen one’s knowledge of history, broaden one’s outlook and develop mentality. In addition, it is the centre of the most representative arts and crafts of a place.

To begin with, speaking about Lithuania, there is a large number of museums and each of them di isplay a variety of exhibits like archaeological finds, sculptures, paintings and other antiques. Nowadays museums are quite popular, since any museum in Lithuania can transport one to various historical periods. Speaking about myself, I have visited few various museums in different cities with my class. These tripswere very interesting. I would like to visit as many art museums as possible since I am very interested in art of all countries and periods.

Moreover, regarding the importance of museums, I tend to be elieve that they are a great way of entertainment. Even if you are not interested in art or history, there is always something to catch your attention. Nowadays, many museums have what they call “interactive” exhibits. The interactive activities were or

riginally created to keep children occupied while their parents were looking at the exhibits. However, the interesting thing is that adults are keen on these activities as well as their children. It is fascinating to create your own work of painting at an art museum or to design an appearance of a robot by yourself in a science museum. People can be pleased with performing the “interactive” works in museums and gain knowledge.

Finally, as for myself, different places have different history and the most convenient way to understand it is to visit the local museum. As I was born in a small town Prienai and still live here, I know our local museum very well. I have been there several ti imes and I can assure that there are plenty of interesting exhibits and activities to explore the city’s history and development.

To sum up museums play a great role in our life, since they deepen one’s knowledge, broaden one’s outlook and develop mentality and it is also a great way to spent one’s free time. The more museums you visit the more you know about various things, such as art, history and archaeology.

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