The pros and cons of watching TV

The pros and cons of watching TV

There is not doubt that television is in most of people’s houses and they often watch TV. But is watching TV very

good thing?

Watching TV has good qualities, because people buy televisions. First, in television people can see commercials

about things, which are benefit. For example people can see goods for household. Second, people watch news and
shows on TV if they want to know some information about events in the world or their country, about otther people’s

life. And third, TV can be very good friend if you don’t have what to do. On TV people can see a lot of different

films, which they can watch in the long evenings.

On the other hand, watching TV has cons. Sometimes people spend a lot of time by the television, and it is very

bad for them, they do not want to do something more, become lazy. Besides, a long time by the television is very

harmful for eyes. Watching television tiires eyes and people begin to see more badly. Furthermore, children like to

watch TV, but they seldom know what is good and what is bad, so some of TV shows can do very bad influence for


In conclusion, watching TV, how an

nd most of things has and pros and cons.

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