The most favourite profession

Ever since our first steps we have a lot of dreams about our future. Some of us used to dream about being a doctor, a famous actress, a big bank owner or even an astronaut. But time goes by and everything around changes. Our wishes and dreams too. But now I want to tell about the favourite profession at the moment. So I think that it’s a manager job.

All people who chose this profession are satisfied with all the working po

ossibilities for the future. Being a manager has a lot of advantages. In my opinion one of the biggest advantages is that you can work in almost any field of business. Good managers suppose to manage with a lot of different tasks and be open minded. Also, this profession’s main task – communicate with wide range of people. This makes this job very interesting, full of challenges and sometimes stressful.

I think if you want to be a good manager, you must be

e open minded, diligent, multitasked, creative result-oriented and versatile. Also good sense of humor can help to avoid conflicts. All these qualities make manager a good leader and lead his staff to success.

In my opinion a company without a good te

eam of mangers is like a ship without a captain. Managers are responsible for strategies and good work of a company. When you are a manager you can express yourself, get a lot of new skills. Also this work cultivates and enriches mindset, encourages developing yourself and making your view much wider. Manager profession is very gainful, so it is a big plus too.

There are a lot of more reasons to become a professional manager. I have mentioned only few of them. I will be very happy if I will have chance to study management.