The Martial arts

The Martial arts

Martial arts it is any of several oriental methods of self-defence or combat, including judo, karate, sumo, and jujitsu.

Judo was founded in 1882 in Japan from jujitsu. Judo in Japanese means soft way or gentle way. Judo is a national Japanese wrestling, which became a sport field. Wrestling going on the carpet called tatany, it’s size from 36 to 100 square metres. It took from 3 to 20 minutes (in big championships 6 – 10 minutes). Wins that wrestler, which throw down his competitioner technically on th

he back and keeps him 30 seconds pressed to the carpet or painfully hand, neck or feet actions compel competitioner to submit. Possible to take over cloves, legs, to slip leg.

The most cultivate in Japan, USA, France, Holland, Korea. In 1956 was founded an International Federation of Judo. Since 1851 every year are preparing Europe championships. Since 1956 for two years are preparing The World Championships. In 1964 was included in The Olympic games. In Lithuania judo wrestling are cultivating since 1968.

Karate is a Ja
apanese self-defence without guns system. Now it is a sport-wrestling field. Well-founded hands and legs blow in to wonder body places. Cultivate in Asia since old times. Modern karate had formed in XX century from jujitsu.